Limna Stone

Lamina Stone is a customer-oriented, special-purpose and high-quality light marble producer.

Its main purpose is to produce a single light, solid marble panel by laminating natural stone with appropriate technological supporting products and to integrate these lightweight solid marble panels, into the construction and design industry. 


Stone Wall
Limna Stone:

GİNŞAAT has started collecting these new products under the brand name of LAMINA STONE and taking its place in world markets. The company chooses a difficult manufacturing style in the industry and combines it with the technology in its facility, it can cut all natural stones in 3-5mm thickness and can laminate with technological products, supporting materials and realize exports. 
The company, which has come to the fore as a pioneer in the sector with the power of design and need, expertise and research, development and hard work, continues its path by selecting even more challenging targets. He represents his country in many places around the world. Thus, the success in global competition is proof that it is the right way to go. 
Thanks to the light marble / natural stone panel production that the building sector has gained, due to the fragile and heavy structure of the marble, it has collaborated with the designers by getting them out of the usual areas in the projects.