Benetti Moss

100% natural zero-maintenance green creations to add a unique and elegant touch to any indoor space. Vertical Gardens …


Green Wall
Benetti Moss:

Large walls, inserts, logos, vertical or ceiling designs, in foyers, in commercial spaces, in restaurants, in offices, in wellness centers… There is nothing you cannot do with a Benetti vertical garden: no maintenance and a long-lasting beauty that is so versatile that you can truly fit it anywhere!

Benetti MOSS provides an innovative and sustainable green look, suitable for any interior design project. Benetti MOSS ships ready for installation. On site adjustments to size and shape are simple. At the factory, moss is hand applied to a structural substrate, specifically designed for stability and ease of installation. A beautiful green wall can be installed in moments for extraordinary results. With Benetti MOSS, architects, and interior designers can create amazing green spaces from a residential villa to Hospitality, Retail or Commercial office space. Benetti MOSS modern green look and strong aesthetic impact make its use a successful tool for any design professional.