The production and engineering company Kasso, which started its activities in 1975 with metal processing, established the Tekşan-Kasso partnership in 1986 by incorporating expanded metal plate production. Today, Kasso Engineering is a fully equipped metal processing facility that can offer innovative solutions to its customers and develop project delivery products with its patented machines with advanced technology in its factory located in the Organized Industrial Zone of Istanbul. 


Metal Cladding

KASSO Engineering aims to provide a balance between quality, performance, cost-efficiency and aesthetics. Our team of experienced engineers, architects and designers aims to contribute to every stage of the project, from concept design to installation. With 45 years of knowledge and engineering experience, we continue to produce processed metal with our R&D infrastructure. collaboration between architects, engineers and contractors is important to ensure that the concept becomes a reality and turns the ideas into a technical, practical solution. KASSO is aware that the originality of each project is an integral part of the design. Our foundations are based on our competence to address different needs and objectives and deliver stunning metal cladding solutions that combine form, feature and function.