Duowin Motorized Aluminium Sash Window System:

Motorized sash windows can be produced with 2 or 3 sashes

1. Multilayered glazing options available

2. Can be used as parapet in bottom side gathered model. In this case cleaning of the sashaes from outside is possible

3. Top gathered option for 2 sashes is also available

system is comprised of the aluminum profile system tested by international test firm Ift Rosenheim. With this advantage Duowin® Plus offers brand new ideas to the places where it is used.

Air permeability test Class2

Waterthightness Class 5A

Resistance to wind load Class C4/B4

Other than the quality advantages; the engine that is used in the profiles has the capability to cover wider places. Duowin® can eliminate human factor with its atomized system also provides safer working environment.

Duowin® Plus offers 2 years of system warranty

Duowin® Plus can be manufactured in various surfaces with powder coating or natural wood veneering, can be used anodized surface techniques and also with stained glass and inside-glass molding options.

Motorized sashes gives wider spaces on the contrary to traditional systems by this way you can enjoy your view more and comfortably.

Movement of the sashes can be controlled with a remote control or also manually on the system. Including the wind and rain sensors to the system gives the advantage to take precautions for the weather changes. Remote controls are programmable with the timer, switching frequency options.

It is important to have secure movements while both motorized and automatic sash windows operating. Duowin® Plus has photo electric cells; if there will be an intervention during the operating, moving will stop immediately to prevent any accidents.

When the sashes are closed completely, heat, air and noise insulation is provided by the thermally insulated aluminum profiles and double pane glasses but the panoramic view continues thanks to Duowin plus.