Thin Stone

Thinstone® is a layer of real natural stone. Stones like slates, limestones, sandstones, marbles etc., are separated into 0.1-2 mm layers by virtue of high technological methods from large rocks. Flourish your projects with 40 different Thinstone® veneers, produced in different quarries around the world, evoking the color and texture of nature.


Stone Wall
Thin Stone:

From ancient times to the present day, natural stones have been the basis of world culture as basic building blocks.

The use of natural stone in every field from hand tools to architectural structures, from works of art to jewelry has been used as the main material in very important works of human history with its magnificence and durability and continues to be used. Thanks to its flexibility and lightness, Thinstone can be easily used in architectural projects and product design projects such as furniture, lighting, exhibition units, and fashion accessories.  

With its superior features such as high water absorption resistance and not being affected by icing, it is frequently used on exterior facades, as well as indoor floor applications with low circulation.