For the past 22 years, we developed unique manufacturing techniques to adapt our Stretch Ceiling production to Architects’ requirements. The best results were achieved through close coordination between BARRILUX manufacturing facilities and its installation teams on  BARRILUX ceilings are custom-made to perfectly fit the space. Over the years, a complete set of railings and accessories have been developed to match all kinds of design details. Backed with fire certifications and international test reports covering quality, durability, health, environment, and acoustic requirements, BARRILUXceilings have earned a worldwide reputation for excellence. 


Stretch Ceiling

BARRILUX is a complete ceiling system.

BARRILUX ceilings are mounted on specially designed Aluminum railings. The soft PVC material is stretched and hooked under tension into the rails.

A full range of accessories is available for spotlights, A/C vents, sprinklers... All kinds of electro-mechanical fittings and access panels can be integrated.

The installation is quick, dry and clean. No painting is necessary. The ceiling units can be easily dismantled and reinstalled for maintenance purposes. BARRILUX is environment friendly: our materials are 100% recyclable, thus reducing the amount of incinerated waste and burned trash.